"Live work and suffer for your country
For Croatian unity is our only hope
The day is near when we will rejoice
Sing proudly in one voice:
“Condemn evil, cherish freedom —
This is the motto of Croatian women.”

Josipa Glembay

Croatian Woman- Branch No. 01 - Official Pages


It is apparent that this exceptionally worthy organization of Croatian women in Chicago bravely wrote their own history through volunteer actions and heart-felt love. Their support for all things related to love, humanity, culture, and the Croatian identity must be recognized and honored. These past times of hardship and years of labor are testament to the fact that through times of Croatian tragedy and persecution, Croatian women and mothers, wherever they might be, will always keep their hearts full of love and their eyes full of hope. Hopefully young women and wives, here in America and in Croatia, will recognize the importance of what their mothers and grandmothers established through blood, sweat and tears over many decades of work, and realize that the 21st Century will only be as beautiful and rewarding through the same volunteer labor and heart-felt love, which is exemplified in the Croatian Woman’s motto, “It is good to do good.”

90th Anniversary - Commemorative book